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          What Makes "Carnival Row" a Fantasy Unlike Any Other?

          Creator Travis Beacham discusses the path "Carnival Row" took to becoming an Amazon Original series, and the cast share why they're so passionate about their fantastical characters.

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          Who Could "The Boys" Offend in Season 2?

          Spoilers ahead in this IMDbrief as we break down the Season 1 cliffhangers and determine who "The Boys" have left on their hit list for Season 2.

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          Streaming Opens Up New Worlds in "The Expanse"

          What's it like to be on a TV show that was resurrected by fan petitions and Jeff Bezos? "The Expanse" stars outline the show's move to Prime Video, and what's in store for Season 4.

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          Rosa Salazar Describes Making "Undone" in a Tiny Space

          Rosa Salazar and creator Kate Purdy discuss the "flexibility of reality" in their new animated series "Undone," plus what it was like to shoot big things in close quarters.

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          "The Boys" Brings a Dark Twist to Superheroes

          The cast of Prime Video's "The Boys" chats about taking one of the crazier comic books out there and making a show for new and existing fans to enjoy.

          Watch Kevin Smith's interview with the cast of "The Boys"

          "Hanna" Joins the Ranks of Badass Women on Screen

          We talked with the stars and creators of "Hanna," who shared their favorite badass women from movies and TV. Plus, we took a look at some of our favorites through the years.

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          How Emma Thompson Treats Her 'Late Night' Writers

          See what Emma Thompson's writers face while working for their difficult boss in this brand new clip from Late Night.

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          Our Favorite Con Artists

          To celebrate the return of "Sneaky Pete" for a third season, we're taking a look at our favorite con artists in film and television. Did your favorite make the cut?

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          Our Favorite TV Detectives

          Season 5 of "Bosch" premieres today on Prime Video, and we're celebrating with this gallery of our favorite TV detectives and sleuths.

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          "Hanna" Discovers Who She Was Born to Be

          In celebration of International Women's Day, watch the new spot from "Hanna," introducing Esme Creed-Miles. The series premieres March 29 on Prime Video.

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          Stream Trending TV Series With Prime Video

          Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

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